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01/07/2013 [Mon]

Koyama Castle [Yoshida]


I visited Koyama Castle last weekend with my friend living nearby. It stands in Yoshida city and has a profound history among Takeda, Imagawa, and Tokugawa clans.
Originally, around 500 years ago, it belonged to Imagawa but Takeda attacked the base away from Imagawa and built the castle to dispatch soldiers to guard the defense line.
I’m kind of history lover and was very impressed when I first saw the gallant appearance on the small hill. Imagine soldiers aiming at you from the top of the castle ? Can you still stay brave enough to proceed toward ?

I parked my car in the parking lot at the foot of the hill. It’s called “ Nomanji-yama Park”. Nomanji is a temple built in 1262 and as the name implies, I saw a large temple soon after I began to walk. Fine.


Walking up the stairs behind the temple, I finally reached the castle. It looked too good to be true !


It was overwhelming to me but I couldn’t resist walking up. Beauty and magnificence behind tragedy, this is the very word for it. Beside the castle was a threefold moat with a sad and odd story. It was when Takeda was attacked by Tokugawa ( eventually Tokugawa became a ruler of Japan to open Edo Era ), girls and women jumped into the trench to kill themselves and now said there live leeches with red lips like women look. Do you believe that ? Why leeches anyway ? Legend is always born behind deep mysteries.

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01/04/2013 [Fri]

Happy New Year !♪ [Shizuoka]


It’s always nice to start a brandnew year by doing Hatsumode, the first visit and prayer at a temple or shrine. In my case, I walked 40 minutes to Shizuoka Sengen Shrine at midnight on New Year’s Eve. I could hear on my way the silence of the night and the sound of Buddhism Bells that is said to remove 108 worldly desires human beings possess. Maybe I am less greedy this year, I believe.

Thousands of people were already there making quiet noises and humongous wishes.


Miko shrine maidens were on the stage to pray and purify Hamaya arrow talisman. See what they carry on the hands ?


Hundreds of people were flocking together at the main shrine hall in front of the stage to make wishes and prayers for the coming new year. I stood behind the last lady. One step forward and another. Finally, I was in front of the god. Now, what would I pray ? Make me fun, that’s quite good enough for me.

On my way home, I found a stunning fact. 2013 of my age falls on climacteric year which shall hold up consecutive 3 years. Are you serious ? I talked to the god. A Miko smiled. I thought that was the reply from the god.


New Year’s Day is the key of the year. Anyway, I’ll be more active and aggressive about anything that may appear ahead of me.^^v

Next week will be held Dondo Yaki festival at some local shrine or temple.
Dondo Yaki is to pile and burn ornaments of New Year’s Day and to get blessed by staying around the fire. Image of last year available from here ! Enjoy Japan’s Tradition in January ! ゚.+:。ヾ(*`∀´*)ゞ

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12/26/2012 [Wed]

Shiogo Suspension Bridge [Kawanehoncho]


Last weekend, I went for a drive wanting power of great nature. Wondering if I should proceed for mountains or the ocean, I finally concluded that spirits of nature that can recover from exhaustion of the year shall be in mountains !
Now, way to Senzu, 2 hours away from my city !

I stopped by Shiogo’s 220M long and 11M high Suspension Bridge on my way that crossed over houses, roadway, railway, and Oi river. Actually, it was a 2nd challenge for me.


The first time was just so awful that I did a 180 on the middle of the bridge. And this time……, in the event, worse than the first stab because some of passers-by caused some sort of quake and pound, which aroused scariness from deep bottom of my mind and when a young couple dashed forward on the bridge, I froze for a moment and stepped back, turned around and headed back where I started. I saw even a child enjoyed walking on it. Why not for me ? Maybe next year……

Shiogo Suspension Bridge
Access : 1 minute from “Shiogo Station” of Oigawa Railway

“Shizuoka Guide” is our official English blog website for events & sightseeing. Always with you ! ^^

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12/18/2012 [Tue]

Strawberry farms in Shizuoka ♪ [Information]


The strawberry picking season has just come ! It’s generally said that there are more than 100 species of strawberries in Japan and here we have “Akihime” and “Beni-hoppe ( blushing cheek )" branded strawberries in Shizuoka. Well balanced sweetness and fresh sourness never stop attracting people throughout Japan and you can try them in an as-much-as-you-can-eat style at the farm below. Most of them starts from mid-Dec or early-Jan and ends on the day when Golden week, our special long holidays in May ends. I would recommend to visit it sooner because strawberries becomes smaller and smaller and sometimes sourness gets the better of sweetness ( though just my impression ) which always makes my mouth water, I mean, caused by sourness.
Now, here are strawberry farms in Shizuoka. If you are visiting one of them and don’t know how to reach, please feel free to contact us from here.



Name of farms



 Higashi-izu Town

 Ichigo Land Nakanishi



 Marutetsu-en Farm



 Strawberry Farm Ohta



 Hinokuchi-en Farm



 Strawberry Kanasashi Farm



 Izunokuni City

 Nirayama Strawberry Picking Center

 Jan 2

 May 6

 Ema Strawberry Picking Center

 Nov 15

 May 6

 Izu-nagaoka Strawberry Picking Center

 Jan 2

 May 6

 Fujieda City

 Japan Berry



 Shizuoka City

 Shizuoka.Kuno Strawberry Picking Association

 Jan 1

 early May

 Maruzo Strawberry Picking Association

 early Jan

 early May

 Kakegawa City

 Akazukin-chan no Omoshiro Noen Farm

 Nov 15

 late May

 Sansan Tourists' Farm


 late May

 Kosai City

 Okurado Tourists' Farm



 Hamamatsu City

 Hiramatsu Kanko Agurisu Hamanako


 mid May

 Mt.Nemoto Tourists' Farm(Nagara-en)

 Jan 1

 Apr 10

 Mt.Nemoto Tourists' Farm(Kurata-en)

 Jan 1

 Apr 10

 Kashima Harvest

 late Jan


 Shimano Farm


 late May


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12/14/2012 [Fri]

♪♪♪ Merry Christmas ♪♪♪ [Others]


So, finally the end of the year is approaching. I’ve been always feeling so remorseful that I couldn’t post much information about Shizuoka this year. Lots of more tourist resources here to report. Oh, and some messages. I have to apologize to those who gave me messages in our website. No responses……too bad. ρ(тωт`)


Merry Christmas to all of you !

I’ll be too busy next year too. So please, please send us your messages or inquiries “from here” if it’s urgent or must-be-replied.

Have a good year-end !♪

“Shizuoka Guide” is our official English blog website for events & sightseeing. Always with you ! ^^

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