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06/08/2011 [Wed]

Oigawa Railway ― Shiogo Suspension Bridge and Senzu [Kawanehoncho]


In about 45 minutes after leaving Kanaya station, Oigawa Railway, I got off the train at “Shiogo”. There is a very famous suspension bridge that has been introduced many times through such media as newspapers, magazines and TV. Shiogo Station has no man to check your ticket. Be sure to hand it to the train conductor.
Now, look at this ! As you know, basically, suspension bridges are meant to go over a river or a valley but Shiogo Suspension Bridge is something more unique. Can you see what it is ? It goes over houses, a road, railway, and Oi River ! Only 3 minutes from the station. Telling you further, I could not finish the bridge because I felt scared too much.^^; Beside the bridge, I found a hidden small falls called “Meoto-daki” ( married fall ).


Meoto-daki Falls


Shiogo Suspension Bridge


At Shiogo Station

Now, I took Oigawa Railway again for “Senzu”, the terminal station of it. On my way, I could see Kawane green-tea fields, one of the 8 major tea production districts in Shizuoka and in about 30 minutes, the train reached “Senzu”. Senzu Station also features an old-fashion atmosphere. A small museum “SL Museum” stands beside the station and shops, especially green tea shops are found around it. Be sure to drop at the tourist information center over the road. You know, it's very important to get guide-maps at any information center whichever station you stop by. Locally made maps are always better than ones sold in bookstores. It will help you much.


SL Museum


In Senzu Station


Talking about Oigawa Railway, Ekiben, the packed lunch is also very popular among tourists. We Japanese love to eat Ekiben in the train during the journey. If you like it, why don’t you try Ekiben to reach our spirits ?


Bus stop + shops + Info Center


Senzu Station

So what did I next ? I was meant to take the next line, “South Alps ABT Line” to proceed further into the mountains but due to the landslides caused by the rain storm in 2010, Shuttle Bus has been substituted for it for now between Senzu and Okuizumi Station. Can you see the bus in the picture ? That’s the one. The ABT trains are supposed to be recovered from Aug, 2011. Anyway, I took the bus to Okuizumi Station that day.

Next time, I’ll introduce viewing spots along “South Alps ABT Line”.

Have a good day !^^

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