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Shizuoka Guide Travel to Japan

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08/23/2011 [Tue]

Hike around Mt. Fuji − To Mt. Hoei Crater – 1 [Fujinomiya]


It was by no means a good weather for hiking when I left JR Fuji Station by “Mt. Fuji Climbing Bus” for Mt. Fuji 5th station of Fujinomiya Trail. Actually, it rained a bit on my way. Still, the wonder of Mt. Fuji is that the weather in the city is not always the same as one at the 5th. I expected the blue sky. Maybe everyone on the bus did. We passed Fujinomiya and finally got in on the “Fujisan Sky-like” mountain road, proceeding into the clouds. Clouds, clouds, and clouds again until finally we reached the 5th station. Gosh……But lots of climbers were there on the fifth.


At the fifth, you can overlook cities, or fields of cloud. There I took the early lunch. It means much because you should take time at the 5th at least more than an hour to make your body accustomed to the air pressure. Or, you may have a mountain sickness that causes serious headache and dizziness. Anyway, I was there for 1.5 hours and got myself prepared for climbing. As a matter of fact, we had been very concerned about the drastic drop-off in number of climbers due to the earthquake but it seemed nothing. I saw not only Japanese but lots of visitors from abroad.



Now, this is the footstep I walked. To reach Mt. Hoei and its crater, you first get to the 6th which will take 20 – 30 minutes from the 5th. I took more than that maybe because you know……I am a down-only specialist.^^; There were so many climbers at the 6th. Some were on their way up to the top and others were down to the 5th. I took a short rest again there to control my breath and to send my message to our new website “Enjoy Shizuoka” from my cell-phone using Twitter. It’s very simple to use and all necessary information about Shizuoka is there, or you can post your message and even ask us ( or somebody ) about what you are going to do. By the way, you can have the Fujinomiy Trail guide-map in the picture at the information office on the fifth. English, Chinese and Korean adscripted.



At the sixth, you will find a direction board saying one to the summit and the other to Mt. Hoei. I stood at the gateway to the summit which looked to me very close from where I was, but trust me, it is nothing of the kind. I could tell the trails because climbers were making lines along it. The 7th can be seen just right over there, which actually would take about 1 hour to reach. What is most important about climbing is that you don’t do more than what you can do. Keep your own pace.
Anyway, I took the way to Mt. Hoei. I’ll report the rest next time.

Have a good day !


Mt. Fuji 5th station at Fujinomiya Trail
Access : By Mt. Fuji Climbing Bus from JR Mishima Sta., Shin-Fuji Sta., Fuji Sta., Fujinomiya Sta.
Bus Fare : ¥3000/adult ( for round-trip )
Time table : Please open this Page.
Mt. Hoei Hiking Trails are available until around mid-Nov
※Mt. Fuji Climbing Trails are supposed to be closed at the end of Aug.

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