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Shizuoka Guide Travel to Japan

富士山静岡空港 Mt. Fuji Shizuoka Airport

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Shizuoka Guide Travel to Japan

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12/26/2011 [Mon]

Shuzenji Onsen Spa Resort ― Oni-no Sumika [Izu City]


Once upon a time, there was a hotel that lots of genuine writers and painters lived in. It’s called “Kikufuji Hotel” and people used to name it “Oni-no Sumika”, the den of Japanese Oni monsters.
“Oni-no Sumika” is a famous story published in 1967. Now, the name was taken over by a ryokan located in Shuzenji, the mecca of cultural artists.

That is, Ryotei Ryokan “Oni-no Sumika”.


ONI no SUMIKA carries out the very mind of traditional Omotenashi ( hospitality ) being taken in Sekitei, Atami, and you can refresh yourself without being known to others. That’s definitely kind of lovely secret place as though Oni lives in the hidden domicile in the mountain. That time, I was lucky to be let in inside Oni-no Sumika, one of the most luxurious ryokans in Shuzenji. See the dignified gate. Made me very nervous.


Now, let’s get in. There are 12 rooms, actually separated villas surrounding the garden and ponds. So please forget the inside-the-building image because you will walk to your room through the walkway under the sky.


Walking along the pathway, I could see some rooms, “Arashiyama”, “Yamashina”, “Uji”……, the name of Kyoto basically indicates Japanese-style, and “Nagasaki” and “Shimoda” once a trading gateway indicate Western style. I was invited in a room to look around. Appreciate it !


The Japanese style has 2 rooms, Hon-ma living room and Tsugi-no-ma bed room. The spacious room itself gave me an inexplicable comfort, I felt. I opened the door and found a beautiful Japanese garden ! Awesome !^^


The meals will be prepared in Kaiseki Japanese Cuisine style using seasonal best ingredients.

Please see the details from here.


This is the communal open-air onsen bath. It would be very romantic to see a stadium of stars bathing in the natural hot spring. Just relax yourself leaving everyday life behind


Generally, Onsen Ryokan has the aspect that some friends flock together to make a joyful party but here in Oni-no Sumika, it should be totally different. This is the place where you stay with someone you care so much for, like your sweetest girl/boy-friend or beloved family.
Supreme Omotenashi in the circumstance of your own away from the actual world, that is the very image that Oni enjoys his life in the hidden world in deep mountains. And that’s very what Oni-no Sumika is meant to be. Come and visit Shuzenji and explore the world of ONI no SUMIKA to feel Japanese sovereign culture and hospitality. Communicable in English.

Ishi-no Wa Group “Ryotei Ryokan Oni-no Sumika”
Access : JR Tokyo → JR Mishima → Izu-hakone Railway( 30 min )Shuzenji Station → 10 minutes by #1 bus to Shuzenji Onsen → 10-15 walk
Or 10 minutes by taxi from Shuzenji Station
Reference room-rate : ¥40,000 〜 /Adult with dinner and breakfast
Booking and Inquiries : By phone or e-mail


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Posted by Satoshi Nihonyanagi at 13:29


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