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03/22/2012 [Thu]

Asagiri Food Park [Fujinomiya]


A new commercial facility is going to get started from April 1, 2012 in Asagiri Highland, Fujinomiya city at the foot of Mt. Fuji, Shizuoka Prefecture. “Asagiri Food Park” is a theme park ( or a small town ? ) standing right beside the Asagiri Kogen roadside station, which will offer you the opportunity to touch the real local products such as Sake, Milk, Green tea and more. I joined the preview tour the other day to show you what it’s like. See the map anyway. Overwhelming Mt. Fuji is right behind the park !


One of the stores, “Fujimasa Shuzo” sake brewery is not only where you can taste and buy local sake but where you can learn how sake is produced because the sake factory is open to the public and you can study it through the window. Sounds fun ?^^ They also sell some cosmetic products including sake. Especially, the hand cream was really popular among tour participants.



The green tea shop is also my recommendation because you can there taste one of the most unique ice creams as in the picture ( this is only for tasting. You can ask for regular soft ice cream for ¥300 ). See ? Green tea powder on the crème. Believe it or not, fragrant flavor of green tea goes very well with sweet ice cream ! Other tea set menu with sweets is also available. By the way, they sell 3 hundred thousand yen/1kg tea ! Amazing, isn’t it ?



Lunch menu was really something to me. Buffet style, mostly consisting of local specialties such as vegetables, Yogurton Pork ( a brand name of pork in Fujinomiya ), trout, and other stuff ! I might be too greedy then. It should look more decent like Japanese Kaiseki Cuisine but no sense of beauty. Perfect lunch though !^^ I, needless to say, went for another plate of meat, vegetable and rice. For big eaters like me, nothing is better than buffet anyway ♪


Other than things above, you can study sweet potato confectionery factory, milk plant and Japanese confectionery making and buy these products. Lots of authentic local gourmet of Fujinomiya can be discovered in Asagiri Food Park. Please be sure to stop by when you drive around Mt. Fuji.^^
Please see the website for reference.
Asagiri Food Park

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Posted by Satoshi Nihonyanagi at 10:54


[ Check it now. ]

justin 05/31/2015 18:36 [Delete]

Thank you for your message ! Here is the URL of Bus schedule to the Asagiri Food Park.

You can catch the bus from Fuji(富士), Shin-Fuji(新富士), or Fujinomiya(富士宮) station to Michi-no Eki Asagiri Kogen(道の駅 朝霧高原) bus stop.
Schedule A for daily service
Schedule B for weekend & Holidays only service

I'll be out of office until next friday but please write to me if you need more information.

Have a good day !

Satoshi Nihonyanagi 03/23/2012 19:33 [Delete]

Hello Nihonyanagi san,
I enjoyed reading your informative blogs on Shizuoka.
May I know more about the above new park transportation guide?
I notice its website is only in Japanese.
Seems like from Fujinomiya station, we need to take a taxi to the park?
Is there any shuttle bus from/to station ?

Amy 03/23/2012 15:38 [Delete]

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