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08/10/2010 [Tue]

Mt. Fuji Climbing – 4 [Fujinomiya]


After we had reached the very top of Mt. Fuji, we took a sufficient rest in or around the hut and started, finally, at 7:40, to climb down from Gotemba Trail. It was very smart for us to take Gotemba route because it was much easier to walk down. As you know, the Fujinomiya Trail has many large rocks in the pathway that eventually causes ache in the knee for physically overloading to your legs by your weight and the backpack. On the other hand, Gotemba trail, though partway the same as Fujinomiya’s, it will have tons of volcanic ashes and drastically fractured rocks that becomes like a cushioning material to your legs and what is more, that makes us considerably cut the time to walk down the mountain. This happy-go-lucky route is generally called “Osuna-bashiri” – Sliding on the sand – that enables us to travel 2 meters with one single step.


Now, see the difference in the picture.
At first, you will walk on a trail like this. Please be very careful not to let any rocks down below because it sometimes happens that one single small stone brings bigger stones to hit and injure somebody.


Climbing down the trail, soon you will find that the rocks are fractured into gravel or even sand. Now is the time ! Ready ? Go ! ! You see my feet in the sand ? Very easy to tread in and out. Just like a runner in the Olympic, you can feel the wind. Oh, and maybe you need to be advised that it’s better to wear spats not to let sand in your shoes.


We could have kept on the Gotemba Trail but we changed the route back to Fujinomiya Trail through the crater of Mt. Hoei. This volcano erupted in 1707, still active, and it is said that the volcanic ashes reached as far as Tokyo. The view from there is magnificent but somehow scary for its too vast sight or too desolate land.


I felt the power of nature when I found a flower that I didn’t know even its name. To the Mt. Hoei, you can enjoy a short hike from the sixth station of Fujinomiya Trail. It will take an hour from the 6th, 2 hours from the 5th. Climbers often enjoy this route before or after Mt. Fuji climbing season.


At 13:00, we all arrived safe and sound at again the gate of 5th station. Nothing was better than our party having returned without any sickness or injury. Everything that I went through in this tour has absolutely become good to me and I believe everyone with me and all other climbers feel the same, and I’m sure that this is the very thing that Mt. Fuji attracts millions of visitors.
Please take good care of yourself when you challenge this mountain

Good day !^^!

“Shizuoka Guide” is our official English website for sightseeing, always with you ! ^^

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Posted by Satoshi Nihonyanagi at 15:12


Thank you very much for your writing-in ! Climbing Mt. Fuji is very popular even among foreign visitors but I’m so sorry to say that the season of Mt. Fuji climbing will be closed at the end of August. I’ve just heard that some mountain huts may open until the beginning of Sep. I’ll write to you as soon as I get further information.
Thank you !^^

Satoshi Nihonyanagi 08/12/2010 11:40 [Delete]

I enjoyed your blog about Mt. Fuji especially since I am planning on climbing Mt. Fuji on 6 Sept. Can you tell me if any of the stations will be open to stay over night at that time? I will also be taking the Fujinomiya Trail and wondering if it is better to stay in Fujiinomiya City since it is closer to the bus line. Any of your advice on preparing, climbing and staying on Mt. Fuji is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Bob 08/10/2010 16:34 [Delete]

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