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02/02/2011 [Wed]

Atami, the largest Onsen hot-spring resort in Shizuoka– Kinomiya Shrine [Atami]


So, I left Atami Baien a few minutes past 12:00 and walked downhill for a while. On my way, I could see the Hatsushima Island very clearly. I passed by JR Kinomiya Station and kept strolling along the overhead railway, turned left at the second traffic signal, passed through the tunnel, and it was there, “Kinomiya Shrine”, in about 15 minutes from Atami Baien.


Kinomiya Shrine is the very guardian deity of Atami City and also known as one of the best “Power Spots” in Japan. The Power Spot indicates the special site where you can have supernatural energy, like, to halt the disease, or to change fortune for the better. Mt. Fuji is also regarded as one of them.


Now, the large Shinto shrine Gate with two huge flags definitely promised me something. I stepped into it. A humongous stone and a dignified tree showed up before me first. This shrine has supposedly about 1300 year history. I bowed to the stone, pressed my hands together ( this is how we pray to the gods ) against the tree and walked on the approach, expecting super duper energy.^^

I reached Honden main hall up the stairs in a few minutes. There, I saw dozens of people making wishes in front of Honden. I did as well, about which you’ll never know.^^



Kinomiya Shrine Honden main hall

By the way, in this shrine, there are two more shrines worshipped by the people.

One is called “Kinomiya Inari Shrine”, the god of agriculture and business, which can be traced back to The Fuhimi Inari Shrine in Kyoto. You can find it just after the entrance gate.

The other is “Kinomiya Benzaiten Shrine”, the god of advancement and career success. It is on the right side of Honden main hall. They say that, in Edo Era, Okubo somebody came down this Benzaiten Shrine all the way from Edo ( Tokyo ), of course on foot, to worship this god and made it to one of the highest position in Tokugawa system.



Now, I’m on my way to the “Power Spot” ! Walking through the left of Honden, you may have an eccentric feeling and the next moment, you will get overwhelmed or stunned by the sight of humongous sacred tree ! More than 2000 years old ! ! The very spirit of all the nature in Japan, I thought. I walked around it, gazing on it as if I had found something supernatural in it.


By the way, there is a narrow trail around the tree. You know why ? Because they believe as follows :
★If you go around the tree, you will live one year longer.
★If you go around wishing something in your mind, it will come true.
I learned the fact just after I’d came back, though I had lots of wishes.^^; Anyway, I would live 1 year longer. Good enough !^^

Next time, I’ll introduce “Kiunkaku”.

Bye for now !^^

“Shizuoka Guide” is our official English blog website for events & sightseeing. Always with you ! ^^

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01/31/2011 [Mon]

Atami, the largest Onsen hot-spring resort in Shizuoka– Atami Baien [Atami]


Atami used to be a fashionable honeymoon resort some decades ago. It is in the closest part of Shizuoka from Tokyo, only 50 minutes by Shinkansen super-express, and well blessed with the landscape and hot springs.
This time, I’ll introduce my day trip in Atami City !


I arrived at Atami Station at 10:00. It was a beautiful day. In front of the station, I saw many people on a sightseeing trip, not on business, even on a weekday. Some people were enjoying “Ashiyu” foot spa called “Ieyasu no Yu” in front of the station. Geysers erupt every 4 minutes. Free of charge, of course ! Go ahead try it !^^


Now, I’m on my way to “Atami Baien”, one of the most famous and popular plum garden in Shizuoka, especially this season for “Atami Baien Festival”. I took a shuttle bus from Atami Station, for 15 minutes and for ¥220. At the entrance gate, so many tourists had already been in line. You can see as many as about 450 plum trees, of 60 varieties. I felt sweet plum scent carried by the upwind.


Soon after I passed through the ticket gate, I found a good place for pictures. On that day, though blooming information had been officially announced as 30%, somehow these trees seemed much more than that, actually I would say around 70% ! Maybe for us, tourist ?^^
Now, let’s walk on ! This map will tell you how large this garden is.
Strolling along the pathway, I found various plum blossoms. Some were faintly pink and others were white as snow. I loved the yellow one ! That gave off particularly sweet scent, which I learned later to be Robai plum blossom.


It is not only plum trees that delight you. Walking for a few minutes, you will find “Umemi no Taki” falls, and a large bridge leading to “Sawada Seiko Memorial Museum”. He is a local artist in Atami City. During Atami Baien Festival, you can visit the museum free of charge !


Nakayama Shinpei Memorial Hall


Sawada Seiko Memorial Museum


Now, I reached Ashiyu foot spa. Maybe I’d better take some rest. It was also pleasant to me to keep my foot in it surrounded by plum scent.^^


Afterwards, I started strolling again, looking in “Nakayama Shinpei Memorial Hall” and “Korean Garden”. When I got to the gate, it was almost 12:00. I would have taken more time if I was there just for pleasure but that time, you know.^^;
Anyway, Atami Baien is having its best from now ! I hope you enjoy it !^^

Now, I’m on my way to a large shrine nearby from Atami Baien.

Bye for now !^^


Atami Baien
Access : from JR Atami Sta. ⇒ 15 minutes by bus
from JR Kinomiya Sta of Ito Line ⇒ 10 minute on foot
Admission : ¥300 for adults
Atami Baien Festival : from Jan 8 – Mar 6

Further tourist information about Atami

“Shizuoka Guide” is our official English blog website for events & sightseeing. Always with you ! ^^

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01/28/2011 [Fri]

What is cool and hot in this season – Sumpu Yume Hiroba -2 [Shizuoka]


Now, I cross the bridge and open the door to step in “Tenka Taihei no Yu” onsen hot spring facility and say hello at the front desk. You will get startled to see how huge the lobby space is.
Passing through the front desk, a large stairs gives you some choices. One down to the shopping area, another to the spacious rest area, or directly straight to the Spa area.



I kept on the corridor to the Spa area. It is very nice that we can have “Yukata”, Japanese cotton wear, to make ourselves more comfortable. You can choose one among several types.


As you can see from these pages linked below, there are 10 varieties of bath for women and 8 varieties for men in this facility. What is more, though limited only in summer, coed open-air hot-springs are available during May through Sep ! Be sure to put your swim suit on in this area, needless to say.^^; You can enjoy five varieties and it includes a bath in the cave ! Sounds good ?
Bathe yourself sufficiently in Onsens and take a good rest over a glass of, maybe, coke in the resting space.


For those who like to have a private space, they offer some private rooms with a private open-air bath. Up to 12 hrs ( 10:00 – 22:00 ), from ¥4000, charged by the room, no matter how many you are.


Now, I feel seriously hungry. Maybe strawberries are digested so quickly.
I headed for the Japanese restaurant to have a late lunch, or too early dinner.^^;

Is it a perk for the guests ? I was just impressed by the price of each dish. Not expensive at all ! I ordered large sized “Ten-don”, a bowl of rice with deep fried shrimp and vegetables which cost less than ¥1000.^^ And pay attention on the “Kaisen-don”, a bowl of rice with a variety of Sashimi. It was the same price ! Tendon tasted wonderful with crispy texture.^^



Now, it’s time for me to go back to the office to get pictures together and organize my records, and maybe to make the next plan.
We will welcome your comments and inquiries at any time.

Have a good day !^^

Sumpu Yume Hiroba
Access from JR Shizuoka Sta. : 30 min by free shuttle bus
Admission :
Nihon-Genki-Gekijo : ¥1500 for the weekdays, ¥1800 for the weekend
Tenka-Taihei-no-yu : ¥1500 for the weekdays, ¥1800 for the weekend
※ For both ¥2000 for the weekdays, ¥ 2500 for the weekend

“Shizuoka Guide” is our official English blog website for events & sightseeing. Always with you ! ^^

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01/26/2011 [Wed]

What is cool and hot in this season – Sumpu Yume Hiroba [Shizuoka]


So, I walked about 20 minutes along the Kuno coastline to “Sumpu Yume Hiroba”. Though I could have arrived earlier if I kept on the sidewalk of route 150, I dared to walk on the seashore so that I could feel fresher air.


You can take the free shuttle bus from or to JR Shizuoka Station. Just remember this bus for your information ! And, pay your attention on the glass-building behind the bus. That is where our tourist association is. Please feel free to come in to say hello if you’ve got any chance to visit Shizuoka city.^^


Now, what’s in there ? This facility is largely divided into 2 parts. One is for the amusement square called “Nihon-Genki-Gekijo” that includes the theatrical shows, historical museum, “ashiyu” foot spa area, and shops and restaurants. You can feel another old-time Japan because all are featured in the image of Tokugawa’s Edo Era.


Though you need to pay for the admission at the entrance gate in advance, you can enjoy almost everything free of charge. I stepped into the Ninja mansion first, followed by Magic Tunnel. Next came the haunted house ! I love the haunted house ! Of course, I tried it walking in the darkness. Actually, it was too dark for me to walk on. I could do nothing but feel my way relying on the lights from the ghosts.^^;


When I got out of the ghost house, I came across a show on the stage. They played a historical story comically entertaining to us. I enjoyed it very much and went on to the Ashiyu area. Ever tried it ? First you may feel warm just only around the legs but it comes up by degrees to the top of the head. We believe it’s very good for our health.^^


And the museum. As I’ve told you in the page of Kunozan Toshogu Shrine, in Shizuoka, there are lots of historical spots and materials relating to Tokugawa Ieyasu, the founder of Tokugawa Shogunate known as Edo Era. Actually, this museum is well organized and has become soon one of my favorites. Extensive stories about Tokugawa Ieyasu are well explained ( though in Japanese ) and wax figures also help us to imagine how they were in that age. It’s definitely worth seeing !



Now, let’s go on to “the other” part of it. It is totally intensive Spa area called “Tenka-Taihei-no-yu”. You cross the wooden bridge and it is just right there. I stepped in it for the first time. It was humongous !

Next time, I’ll introduce the “Tenka Taihei no yu”.

Have a good day !^^

Sumpu Yume Hiroba
Access from JR Shizuoka Sta. : 30 min by free shuttle bus
Admission :
Nihon-Genki-Gekijo : ¥1500 for the weekdays, ¥1800 for the weekend
Tenka-Taihei-no-yu : ¥1500 for the weekdays, ¥1800 for the weekend
※ For both ¥2000 for the weekdays, ¥ 2500 for the weekend

“Shizuoka Guide” is our official English blog website for events & sightseeing. Always with you ! ^^

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01/24/2011 [Mon]

What is cool and hot in this season – Strawberry Picking around Kuno [Shizuoka]


After strolling about Mt. Kuno, I felt thirsty and a bit hungry. Lunch time ? Yes, but maybe I should make the most of this opportunity to be in Kuno, right ? ^^
Around Mt. Kuno, along the Kuno Coastline, you see hundreds of plastic greenhouses where you can enjoy strawberry picking, as much as you can eat for a limited time. I roamed around for a while and stepped into one of the strawberry farms, “Ichigo Land Masami” ( Ichigo means strawberries in English ). It stands along route 150, what we call “Kuno-Kaido” or “Strawberry Road”, and is very close from the foot of Mt. Kuno.



Despite mid-winter, it was very warm in the plastic greenhouse. Smells of sweet-sour strawberries made my stomach more growling. Can’t wait for it any more !><



By the way, you know what ? Strawberry Picking in Kuno is very characteristic. Can you recognize what it is from the picture ? Actually, for me, this IS the strawberry picking, but not for other people outside Shizuoka. Some grow strawberries in the field, others do on something like a platform as in the left picture. But here in Kuno, they make the most of its site conditions. Mountains facing the Suruga Bay. Sunny foothills. They made tilted stonewalls, with holes to plant strawberries in, to let them catch utmost blessing from the sun. The stonewall angle shall be 60 degrees, I heard. This is called “Ishigaki Ichigo”, strawberries on the stonewall that is the most distinctive feature in Kuno Strawberries. No heating appliances are used even in the winter time.


What is more, this farm, “Ichigo Land Masami” cultures 2 species of strawberry in a greenhouse. Strawberries are basically lined in 3 rows. The upper is for “Beni-hoppe” ( ruddy cheek ) and the middle and lower lines are for “Aki-hime”. Beni hoppe tastes sweet with a slight sourness and Aki hime tastes just sweet as honey ! ^^
As you can see from the picture, strawberries are reaching its best from now ! Just please be advised to make a booking beforehand because strawberry picking is very popular this season and they have too many visitors every weekend. I think it proves the fact good enough that they can’t open their greenhouses on weekdays for the lack of strawberries.

Now, I’m full and a little bit sweaty for walking and the warm greenhouse. So what do you want next ? Actually I’m on my way to Onsen hot spring facilities.


Next time, I’ll introduce “Sumpu Yume-Hiroba”.

Bye for now !^^

“Shizuoka Guide” is our official English blog website for events & sightseeing. Always with you ! ^^

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