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06/01/2011 [Wed]

A day trip for flowers in Hamamatsu – Hamamatsu Flower Park – 2 [Hamamatsu]


After the fountain show, I stepped into the “Rose Garden” beside the “Crystal Palace”. The scent of roses got me to inhale deeply. I saw some kind of photographers around in the garden. Now is the very best season ! You can enjoy various kinds of roses and here, I introduce a very singular rose to you. “Blue Rose”. It’s basically believed that blue roses are impossible to be developed because they don’t have blue-pigment genes. So they tried it with that of Pansy, which is considered as one of the major methods to make blue roses. It looked actually purple to me and made me feel decent, rather than gorgeous. By the way, maybe I don’t have to mention this but it is strictly forbidden to pick off any flowers in the park. If you’d like some flowers, please visit the “Flower Shop” to find them.^^



Walking down the trail from Rose Garden, you will find a pond named “Mizudori ( Waterfowl ) Pond”. I took a break there, standing at the edge of water. Then, carps and gibels began to appear one after another. I could tell what it meant. There it was ! Fish bait in the bending machine. People are to buy it and feed them.^^
Walking along the pond, I found the entrance gate of “Hamamatsu Zoological Garden”. If you like to take a look around it, I would recommend you to get a common ticket for discount. I kept walking in the park for a while and found Louisiana Irises in water, and carps again around them.


I took a nice picture there with flowers and a carp and began to stroll again to reach “Iris Garden” that Flower Park is very proud of !

“Iris & Hydrangea Festival” is being held since May 27 until June 19. It has one million and of 720 varieties of irises, which is one of the largest iris gardens in Japan. Mountains surrounding the garden created an atmosphere as if I had been in a lovely countryside of the “Old good days”. Iris season has just come in, getting better day by day !


On my way back to the gate, I found a vast lawn field and a small amusement square that seemed to me the best for families, and almost 2 hours had passed when I finally got to the “Crystal Palace”. Works of “Mosai Culture”, largely held in 2009, was still there for visitors. Fountain show started, then. I went in a souvenir shop to the exit shooting a glance at the show and my trip of “Flowers in Hamamatsu” came to an end.



Map of Flower Park (2144KB)

Next time, I repot “B-class gourmet” of Shizuoka Prefecture !

Have a good day!^^

Hamamatsu Flower Park
Access from JR Hamamatsu Station : 40 minutes by bus from #1 bound for “Kanzanji Onsen” to the bus stop “Flower Park”.
Admission : ¥800 for adults/¥350 for school children
Open Hours : 9:00 – 16:30 ( Oct – Apr )/9:00 – 17:00 ( May – Sep )
*Admission is to be finished by 30 minutes before closing time.

“Shizuoka Guide” is our official English blog website for events & sightseeing. Always with you ! ^^

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05/30/2011 [Mon]

Event Information in June [Event Information]


Hydrangea Festival in Shimoda

June, in Japan, is the month of rain and marriage. Apart from “June Bride” that I mentioned last year, rain in June makes us sometimes feel disgusting. The south part of Japan, reportedly, has already been into rain season and it comes up to Shizuoka before long. Tons of rain every day. Still, at the same time, there are some things that rain brings to us. For example, Iris or Hydrangea goes well with rain. Fireflies enjoy it because they are originally from rainforest district. Rain this season is also a God-given blessing for plants and creatures.
Now, here is the Event Information in June, mostly featuring Iris, Hydrangea and Fireflies. If you’ve got interested in some of them, and if you’d like more information, please feel free to contact us from here.

Event Information in June

Be sure to take an umbrella with you every day in June !

Have a good day !^^

“Shizuoka Guide” is our official English blog website for events & sightseeing. Always with you ! ^^

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05/27/2011 [Fri]

A day trip for flowers in Hamamatsu – Hamamatsu Flower Park – 1 [Hamamatsu]


After leaving Hamanako Garden Park, I took a bus to “Hamamatsu Flower Park”. In the area of 30ha, you can see various kinds of flowers throughout the year.
Passing through the entrance gate, seasonal flowers come first to welcome us. The glasshouse, “Crystal Palace” over the fountain pool is definitely one of the must-see spots regardless of the season. This park is basically designed barrier-free. Impressive, isn’t it ? Even visitors in wheelchairs or with baby strollers can walk throughout the park. For those who don’t like to walk too much, you can take “Flower Train” for only ¥100 per ride.



Now, I headed to the huge glass-house “Crystal Palace” first. On the moment the automatic door opened, I gasped at the sight, as if I had been taken to a fantasy world. Varieties of colorful flowers ! Though I couldn’t tell each name, they were just so impressive and admiring ! Walking along the pathway, soon you will find a gorgeous garden that actually made me think of medieval Europe. There is a small café beside it. A group of ladies were having a chat over a cup of coffee. Very decent and aristocratic.



Proceeding further on the passage, you will find one of the most unusual things in the world. See the pic. It’s glowing in the dark. “Luminous moss” they call it. It still grows year by year on the rock, I heard.
Walking through the cactus area and stepping out of the glasshouse, there spread a rose garden ! The scent of roses passed me on the wind. It brought me an indescribable comfort. Then all of a sudden, I heard an announcement over the P.A. system. It said that a fountain show was going to begin. I stood at where I could see the water pool well. Suddenly, water splashed, symphonized with music. Onlookers began to flock together. I stood there for a while shooting a glance at the rose garden until the show ended after all. The fountain show begins at every hour on the hour and the half.


Hamamatsu Flower Park
Access from JR Hamamatsu Station : 40 minutes by bus from #1 bound for “Kanzanji Onsen” to the bus stop “Flower Park”.
Admission : ¥800 for adults/¥350 for school children
Open Hours : 9:00 – 16:30 ( Oct – Apr )/9:00 – 17:00 ( May – Sep )
*Admission is to be finished by 30 minutes before closing time.

“Shizuoka Guide” is our official English blog website for events & sightseeing. Always with you ! ^^

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05/24/2011 [Tue]

A day trip for flowers in Hamamatsu – Hamanako Garden Park [Hamamatsu]


The other day, I went all the way to “Hamanako Garden Park” to fully enjoy myself with flowers, taking a bus from JR Hamamatsu Station at 9:14 to Garden Park via Kanzanji Onsen spa resort. In 60 minutes on the dot, I saw a vast lawn field, where many people were enjoying kicking soccer balls, playing catch, or putting golf balls. I just wanted to lie about on it and have a peaceful time, but considering my plan on that day, I couldn’t. I walked along the field for a couple of minutes and crossed a bridge. Now, here I am, Hamanako Garden Park !


In 2004, a major event was held in this site. “Hamanako Flora Expo” ! Garden Park took over the very site of 56ha for local citizens and tourists free of charge and lots of events are still held through the year. I headed for the observation tower called “Lake View Tower” anyway that stands in the middle of the park. On my way, I saw a play ground for kids, a small restaurant, an outdoor stage, and another bridge over the waterway. Varieties of flowers were seen along the walkway.


I took an elevator up to the top floor of 50m height. 360 degree panoramic view was waiting for me ! I could overlook, not to mention the Lake Hamana, hotels around Bentenjima, Kanzanji and even Hamamatsu Act Tower ! See the beautiful pictures anyway !


Beside the garden is a Golf Course where Ryo Ishikawa played the other day. I sat on a bench and stayed for a while seeing cars passing across the long bridge over Hamanako Lake. Then I found fantastic houses in the other side of the park that made me think of Disney Land. What’s that ?


I went down to the ground and began to stroll again, opening a map. The pathway between greeneries was so refreshing and butterflies were dancing ahead of me. A café and small gardens attracted many visitors. In 10 minutes or so, I reached “Flower Museum”, which was definitely one of the must-see spots in this park. Lots of photographers were there flocking for varieties of flowers with a beautiful mansion behind them. I also wandered in the garden looking for the best spot for pictures. Now, what do you think ?^^



Now, I had little time left for walking. The bus was supposed to leave the park at 12:04. 20 minutes to go and I was 1.5km away from the bus stop. I hurried to the entrance gate, taking necessary pictures. On my way, I passed “International Garden”. There you can see gardens of the world such as Italian, English, Chinese and Korean. I really wished I could have had enough time ! I here attach some pictures. You look around very carefully and tell me how you like it.



There are lots of attractions more besides things above in the Garden Park. You can cruise the waterway or enjoy a bike ride, or there is a water square where kids can play, really good for the season from now ! The admission is free including “Flower Museum” and “International Garden”. Very recommendable for anyone who likes walking and flowers.
After all, I could be in time for the bus ! I was on my way to “Hamamatsu Flower Park”.

Have a good day !

Hamanako Garden Park
Access From JR Hamamatsu Station : 60 minutes by bus
Admission : Free  *Lake View Tower costs ¥300 for an adult
Open Hours : 8:30 – 17:00 ( - 18:00 in Jul and Aug )
Closed : Dec 29 – Jan 3

“Shizuoka Guide” is our official English blog website for events & sightseeing. Always with you ! ^^

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05/20/2011 [Fri]

How to enjoy “Shin-cha” new green-tea [Shizuoka]


About green tea again, today. You know, Shizuoka is known as the No.1 green-tea production in Japan and Shin-cha new leaves are being picked at the best in every part of Shizuoka this season. But you know what ? It's not so simple to enjoy fully its natural sweetness.
Now, when you make tea, I can imagine every possible way for it. Some may pour boiled hot water into tea-pot and others put water and tea-bag into a tea-cup and cook it for a minute in a microwave. I also enjoy green-tea as you do. Good enough, isn’t it ?^^


By the way, I joined a lecture of “How to enjoy Shin-cha” the other day. First the instructor told us what Shin-cha is, or when and how tea-leaves are picked. According to her story, tea-leaves are picked 3 or 4 times a year and the first ones around Hachiju-hachiya, the eighty-eighth day ( on May 2nd this year ) from “Risshun”, the first spring day, are the best of all with the reason of condensed nutritive value throughout winter. That is, it’s best now !^^

Now, “how to make the best tea”. First of all, put proper amount of tea-leaves into a tea-pod. Then, fill tea-cups about 70% with boiled water ( to find the appropriate amount of water ) and pour them in a tea bowl called “Yuzamashi” to make it cool down a little.


After appropriate temperature ( about 70 dgrees C ) is set, you can finally put it into the tea-pot. It depends on the tea-leave brand how long to wait for extraction and in our case, we waited for 45 seconds. Now, It’s ready to serve ! Make it until the final drop is fallen. It’s called “Golden Drop”. I took a sip. Its sweetness spread out in my mouth. I’ll bet you can tell how sweet shin-cha is.^^ The second cup shall be served hotter than the first one to extract more tea-essence. A little bit bitter, you may feel. The third one, still hotter than the second. That’s how you extract the essence cleverly and gradually.


You know, the taste of tea varies based on the temperature of hot water. If you like sweetness, you make it first with about 70 degrees C hot water, or if you like bitterness, you pour hot water 80-90 degree C or whatever for more extraction.
Anyway, I hope you enjoy various flavors and tastes with shin-cha new green-tea !

The lecture is held several times in a year at O-CHA Plaza on the 3rd floor of Mizuno-mori building in front of JR Shizuoka Station. Free of charge. Or you can simply learn a lot about world’s tea including how to make tea anytime when it’s open.


Have a good day !

Shizuoka O-CHA PLAZA
Access from JR Shizuoka Station : 1 minute on foot ( 3rd floor in Mizunomori BLDG )
Open Hours : 9:30 – 16:00 ( weekday only )

“Shizuoka Guide” is our official English blog website for events & sightseeing. Always with you ! ^^

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