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Shizuoka Guide Travel to Japan

富士山静岡空港 Mt. Fuji Shizuoka Airport

静岡県 Shizuoka Prefecture Official Site


Shizuoka Guide Travel to Japan

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12/20/2011 [Tue]

Shizuoka Mt. Fuji Green-tea Plaza ― Tokyo Office [Information]


In the first basement of Tokyo Kotsu Kaikan, Yuraku-cho, Tokyo, stands our Tokyo office. It was just renovated and has been newly opened since Nov 2, 2011 with function not only of tourist information office but of a creative idea. That is, a tea-room. You may be served free green tea if you visit there as a customer but if you like to learn the traditional how-to and taste the real sweetness of green tea, please come and get seated at the table. You can enjoy exclusive green-tea using 100% pure water of Mt. Fuji served by a professional green-tea instructor, though not free, with a special selection of Shizuoka snack.



This is how.

・Choose one variety of green tea and also one sweet.
・The instructor will tell you about green tea ( histories, production areas, tastes )
・Taste the first cup to find the loveliness of authentic flavor.
・Maybe bite the snack to extract each sweetness.
・Taste the second cup and enjoy the difference.
・Taste the third cup and refresh yourself.


As of Dec 19, there are five kinds of green-tea ( of Makinohara, Kakegawa, Honyama, Fuji and Kawane ) and five varieties of snacks.


Kakegawa green tea won the prize for the section of “fukamushi-cha” deep-steamed tea and Kawane of the “sen-cha” steamed tea. Anyway you chose one among each five. Of course you can ask them for brochures of Shizuoka or also you can buy some souvenirs or the green-teas you’ve tasted there. Some speak in English. The inner aspect is imaged a cocoon ball, by the way. It will make you feel mellow !


I’ll keep the up-to-date menu in the other PDF.
Enjoy Shizuoka’s best renowned and first-rated green-tea !


Shizuoka Mt. Fuji Green-tea Plaza
Access : 1 minute walk from JR Yuraku-cho Station
Green-tea with a sweet : ¥400
Open Hours : 10:30 – 19:00 ( Green-tea must be ordered by 18:30 )
Closed : from Dec 29 through Jan 3

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12/12/2011 [Mon]

Shuzenji Onsen spa resort − Goyokan [Izu City]


I’ll start with “Goyokan”, one of the most unique ryokans among traditional ryokan inns in Shuzenji Onsen spa resort. Established in 1926, it used to be a B&B style accommodation available with very reasonable rates, but recently, since Sep, 2011, it has been renovated and reborn as a ryokan style that also serves dinner and breakfast. 8 rooms in all, or maybe I should say 8 varieties because each room has characteristic features according to its master’s taste. Not alike other ryokans, nakai-san ( serving ladies ) won’t come into your room for preparing dinner or beds. Just relax yourself alone in your room.^^


Now, let me introduce some rooms of Goyokan. Though “Ryokan” may make you imagine typical “Japanese style”, these rooms will blow off your fixed idea. “Stylish” I would say. They may look Edo style at a glance but in fact, they are designed in reference to Feng Shui, the Chinese fortune. Each room has a theme color, like this room, for example, “White room – Taketora ( bamboo and tiger ) ” is set out basically with white things such as wallpapers. The pictures of bamboo grass and others are all hand-written. You can find varieties of drawings in Goyokan. Keep your eyes onto everywhere !


Now, what do you think ? All rooms look so fresh and creative, don’t they ? Most of the rooms are suited along Katsura River that flows in the center of Shuzenji town and I felt very refreshed by sitting on a couch by the window and listening to the stream. As you can see in the picture, Futon ( Japanese-style bed ) is ready right before you check-in so that you can lie about anytime.


Onsen comes next. It may be good enough for you to enjoy it in the large common bathroom but here I would strongly recommend you to book the private onsen room ! It also stands by the river. Pleasant with sounds of the stream. However, here is a surprise. The bathroom is equipped with a speaker with i-pod connection on it, and you can listen to your favorite music even during bathing. Be sure not to stay in it until you get dizzy. The large common baths below, by the way, can be reserved for the private until 18:00. It’s too luxurious to use them just for yourself, don’t you think ?^^



Basically, there are three types available for the accommodation plans of Goyokan. That is, with dinner and breakfast, with breakfast, or without any of them. Dinner is the alternative of Japanese or Western-style. Especially, their Italian dishes are wonderful ! Also try their rice porridge cooked with onsen ! And you know what ? Goyokan is a family-run and that enables them to offer services with family-like warmth, like you may hear “I’m home” or “welcome back” as families often do. Goyokan is definitely a traditional and high class looking ryokan that everybody loves.

Shuzenji Onsen・Goyokan
Access : JR Mishima Sta. → Izu-hakone Railway( 30 min )Shuzenji Sta. → 10 minutes by bus from #1 bus stop to “Shuzenji Onsen” and 1 minute walk
Reference Rate : 
¥10,650〜/adult, one night without dinner & breakfast
¥11,910〜/adult, one night with breakfast
¥15,690〜/adult, one night with dinner & breakfast
Inquiries : By phone, e-mail, or through website ( acceptable in English )

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12/02/2011 [Fri]

An Onsen Resort with histories and traditions − Shuzenji Onsen [Izu City]


45 minute ride on the bus took me to Shuzenji Onsen in the center of Izu Peninsula. Though I’ve ever reported about Shuzenji Onsen several times before, I here introduce again some of the tourist spots of Shuzenji briefly. First definitely comes the picture of town which always reminds me of Arashiyama, Kyoto. It may always look small but luxurious to me, the very Onsen resort that Japan can boast of, I would say.


Shuzenji Temple

This is “Shuzenji Temple” established by Kobo-daishi more than 1200 years ago. It’s also known as one of the best spots for Koyo ( autumn leaves ) around this season.


Tokko-no Yu in Katsura River

You can’t tell about Kobo-daishi without “Tokko-no Yu” hot spring. About 1200 years ago, Kobo-daishi saw a benevolent boy in Katsura River washing his diseased father’s body and thought the water would be too cold for them to get poured. So he stood on the riverside to tap a rock with his Tokko, an instrument for Buddhist rituals. Then, believe it or not, hot water blew out. This is how Shuzenji Onsen began. Tokko-no Yu is the very origin of Shuzenji spa resort. There you can now enjoy it as Ashiyu foot spa free of charge.


Typical Image of Shuzenji

Walking along Katsura River, you will see the picturesque sceneries as in the picture with autumn leaves and the red bridge.


Chikurin-no Komichi

Going across the red bridge, you will get into the well-known “Chikurin-no Komichi”, the pathway in the bamboo forest. This is the very image of Japanese traditional cultures. Actually, there used to come old great literary figures and artists in Shuzenji and they left a body of works that have become representative of Japanese literature. Accordingly, there are lots of traditional ryokan inns in Shuzenji and this time, I’ll introduce some of them, especially some of the most luxurious ones to let you know what is the tradition !


Shuzenji Station

The autumn leaves around Shuzenji are now at their best, by the way. I strongly advise you living in Japan to visit Shuzenji this weekend !^^ It takes only 1.5 hours from Tokyo by train. Please enjoy the Japan’s best autumn in Shuzenji !

Shuzenji Onsen spa resort
Access : JR Mishima → Shuzenji Station by Izu-hakone railroad( 30 min ) → 10 minutes by #1bus to “Shuzenji Onsen”

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12/01/2011 [Thu]

Event Information in December [Event Information]


Here is the Event Information of Shizuoka in December.

We have lots of traditional events from the year-end through New-year days. Don't miss them !^^

Event Information in December

For any questions, please feel free to post your messages on the blog or contact us from here.

Have a nice December !^^

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11/30/2011 [Wed]

Toi Hotel Sankaitei of Izu City, Shizuoka [Izu City]


After seeing the spectacular sunset from Koibito Misaki cape, I stayed at “Toi Hotel Sankaitei” of Toi Onsen hot spa resort. It took only 3 minutes by bus from Toi Ferry Port or 3 minutes on foot from the “Flower Clock” that I introduced last time. Though it has “hotel” in its name, I would rather say it to be a “ryokan” inn. Not to mention Onsen and Japanese-style cuisine, they offer us various kinds of services as traditional ryokans do. They are also having lots of guests from abroad, especially from Korea, China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, and, to my surprise, they have some staff from China and Korea in their hotel to welcome foreign customers wholeheartedly.


Now, let’s see what’s inside. This is the image of the Front Desk and the Lobby. It looked so decent and spacious. The lounge bar and souvenir shop are also available. Please take a look around after check-in !


They have 40 rooms, which accommodates up to 180 guests in all and very positive to accept group tours. This is the room I stayed, by the way. Yes, with private open-air onsen ! It can be used only for bathing. No bubbling. Please use the inner bath or communal baths when you shampoo.
Please refer to other rooms from here.


And this is the dinner I had on that day ! See all the dishes served. Fresh sashimi, nabe the hot pot, crabs, and other creative cuisines. And yes, Ise-ebi the Japanese lobster ! In this season, from the onset of Ise-ebi fishing around late-September until mid-December, most of ryokans in Izu Peninsula join the annual event “Ise-ebi Matsuri” festival that they offer room plans with Ise-ebi cuisine in very reasonable rates. I took one of them. For other information about dinner, please find from here.


After lovely and fabulous dinner, let’s jump into Onsen hot spring ! Sankaitei has as many as 7 onsens inside the hotel ! If you don’t like to bathe with other guests, please book the private bath as in the right picture. It would be next to nothing to stay bathing looking out the beautiful Suruga Bay. Especially, I like it in winter because it usually let me have the traditional mind and spirit that have been told since old times. Other Onsen pictures are available from here.


Now, what do you think about staying at “Sankaitei” ? There is a bus stop right in front of it that goes for major tourist sightseeing spots such as Shuzenji and other points along the east coast of Izu Peninsula. When you trip to or from Tokyo, Nagoya, or Osaka, please be sure to stop by Toi Onsen to have the most exclusive day !


For Japanese (580KB)

Toi Hotel Sankaitei
Access : 2.5 hours from Tokyo by car, bus, or train. In front of “Nakahama” bus-stop.
Standard room rate : ¥15,000〜¥30,000/adult ( w/dinner & breakfast. Tax & service fee included ) ¥150 of onsen tax will be added to the room rate
For group-rate or other information, please inquire from here ※Please use e-mail in case you question in English.

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