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12/13/2010 [Mon]

Walking around Mishima Station 2 – Rakujuen Park [Mishima]

In June, 2010, a monkey appeared in Mishima city to attack general citizens. It was reported that more than a hundred people had been raided by Oct. No one was allegedly dead or severely injured by good fortune. The task force member was organized and finally she was captured, on Oct 10, after 4 month long escape, by being shut in a room by a family.


Just in front of Mishima Tourist Association is an entrance gate of Rakujuen Park. Originally, it was a mansion of Komatsunomiya-akihito-shinno, a family of the emperor, and now it’s been administered by Mishima City. You can ask for free brochures in English, Chinese and Korean at the reception desk.
Passing through the gate, I walked in a small wood to the square. I was so lucky to come across chrysanthemum festival ! They were soooo gorgeous, especially with a castle that was temporarily built as an image of Matsumoto Castle. I saw many visitors taking pictures in front. I strolled around for a while and found a crowd before a cage.



So, it has a small zoo, Animal Square ! I saw lesser pandas, capybaras, alpacas, wallabies and other animals. Not very stimulating as lions and tigers but I felt somehow at ease with these animals lying about or eating grasses under the sun.
Then, I found a larger crowd. There she was ! Yes, the monkey ! She was caged after captured and named “Lucky” among public naming. Now, she’s become the hottest animal in Rakujuen Park. You have to be patient until she shows up because she has not yet been accustomed to be seen or observed in public. Wild animals should live in the wild maybe but it might be happier to be fully fed by humans.


Now, let’s go on. I passed through the animal square and the Museum of History and Folklore, and walked in the Japanese garden-like yard. That way led me to Rakujukan, the very mansion of Komatsunomiya-akihito-shinno. It’s built very simple but gorgeous of the tea-ceremony house style, opened to the public 6 times a day at 10:00, 10:30, 11:00, 13:30, 14:30, 15:00. Its garden is also spectacular ! The pond is not merely a pond. The water comes from Mt. Fuji ! It seemed just like a mirror, clearly reflecting the mansion and its surroundings with blue sky. And you know what ? A watchful visitor would realize something about the ground. Yes, it is of lava. Rakujuen Park is such an extraordinary spot !


It took me about 1.5 hrs. Almost being late for Mishima Taisha Shrine Formal Visit Tour ! I’m on my way out from the south exit to the narrow alley.
Next time, I will report Mishima Taisha Shrine.

Have a good day !^^


Rakujuen Park
Access from JR Mishima Station : 1 minute walk
Admission : ¥300 for adults over 15 /¥50 for children over 4
Open Hours : 9:00 – 17:00(April - Oct)/9:00 – 16:30(Nov - Mar)
Closed : on Mondays, Dec 27 – Jan 2nd

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