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08/31/2011 [Wed]

A wonderful waterfall in the middle of Izu Peninsula ― Joren Waterfall [Izu City]


Ok, now I took a bus from Odaru-iriguchi in front of “Kawazu Seven Falls” to get to the next destination, “Joren Falls”. I often stop over it when I take a lovely drive through Izu Area because it’s located just in the middle of Izu and good as the rest spot for drivers. The parking lot is spacious enough, some souvenir shops and restaurants stand around, good walking trails are prepared, and what’s more, a spectacular waterfall, “Joren Waterfall” can be found if you take a further walk down the mountain.


Again, be sure that you are wearing shoes for walking because the trail is rather steep and slippery around the river. It takes only a couple of minutes to walk down, though. Just get yourself prepared to walk up ! It’s kind of back-breaking to me.^^;



“Joren Waterfall” is not only for sightseeing. Activity as well. Actually, fishing ! There stands a hut where you can have fishing rods and bait, and that day, I saw lots of people lowering bamboo fishing rods or sometimes someone trying to land the struggling trout. Even beginners can enjoy it because they release trout into the river regularly. All trout you may catch can be taken home. No extra charge. They also clean your catch for a bit of money so as to get ready for BBQ. Another pleasure is that you can see the Wasabi Field along the river. It’s richly cultivated for the pure water. And wasabi shop is beside the walkway. It’s fun just to look around.^^



Now, Joren Waterfall, one of the best 100 waterfalls in Japan, marks 25m high, 7m wide and 15m deep. And, believe it or not, it is traditionally believed that there lives a beautiful Joro Spider in the water pocket. Why spider ? Old tales tell that some men were caught by a silky spider web and taken into the water. A man even saw a stunningly beautiful woman beside the water. Here, I strongly advise you not to turn around and keep your back facing the waterfall. Especially cool guys. She might want you in another world. No wonder I found a web on my foot.^^

Enjoy your summer, anyway ! Good day !^^

Joren Falls

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08/03/2011 [Wed]

Coming of Summer holidays ! ― Trout Hatchery in Fujinomiya City [Fujinomiya]


Fujinomiya usually makes us think of “Fujinomiya Yakisoba” fried noodle but they have something “No 1” besides Mt. Fuji. The picture tells something about it. Can you tell that ?^^ It’s trout. Rainbow Trout, actually. They have the largest share of trout hatchery and farming in Fujinomiya. Telling the truth, I had not known the fact either until I was told by my company of Fujinomiya Tourist Association that day.^^; That is why I was taken to the “Fuji Trout Hatchery & Farming Center” next. There,they raise around 10 species of fish including rainbow trout, mountain trout and silver salmon in the blessing of Mt. Fuji. I saw hundreds of thousands of fish in the water. I also found “Golden Trout” that I had seen in “Shiraito Falls” and “Sengen Taisha Shrine”.^^



“Golden Trout” I mentioned is, to be exact, called “Albino Trout”, mutation for the lack of pigment. They often use the trout for growth observation.
Those who can’t stop yourself from catching them can move on to the river beside the hatchery. You can enjoy trout-fishing for ¥1700 with the fishing rod and bait provided, and as much as 1kg of trout (around 5 trout ) you may catch included. It’s very popular among campers because you can enjoy it without taking fishing equipments. Imagine yourself waiting for trout bite in such a beautiful woods. These fish to go are to be readily prepared for BBQ ! Sounds good ?^^


To my surprise, the trout center has, small though, an aquarium, too. Admission free. There, you can observe various fishes raised in the trout center in a tank.^^ 
Now, you know, trout is not a fish only for observation. Farmed fish are mostly for us to eat, right ? ヾ(*`∀´*)ゞ So I dropped at “Masu-no Ie” to find it out !


Masu-no Ie is a trout-specialized restaurant that is rare even in Japan. Inside there is a pure Japanese-style tatami room. While I was staring at a small garden through the window, dishes began to get served. First came, as appetizers, Sashimi, Arai ( sashimi soaked in iced-water ), Shigure-ni ( meat boiled in soy source ) and other creative cuisines. And a large fried trout and a gratin !
Especially, I loved the fried trout meat coming with tartar sauce ! It was so hot as to scald my tongue but the flavor of the trout spread through my mouth. The dishes individually may seem so decent. Still I was fully satisfied because of the number of it. ^^v Check out the menu from here.



So, how do you like my report about attractions of summer in Fujinomya ? The great nature created by the underflow water of Mt. Fuji and living things blessed by that. I was educated once again the greatness of Mt. Fuji. I really wish you come to Fujinomiya this summer to make your day !^^

Have a good day !

Fuji Trout Hatchery & Farming Center
Access from JR Fujinomiya:60 minutes by bus
Admission:¥300 for adults/¥100 for children
Open Hours:9:00 - 16:30  
※closed only between Dec 29 – Jan 3

Masu-no Ie
Access from JR Fujinomiya:60 minutes by bus
Open Hours:11:00 ― 15:00(closed on Tuesdays) Advanced reservations required

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07/25/2011 [Mon]

Coming of Summer holidays ! ― Lake Tanuki in Fujinomiya City [Fujinomiya]


I know some of you know Mt. Fuji but have you ever heard of “Diamond Fuji” ? It indicates the moment when the rising sun shows itself right in the top of Mt. Fuji and the scenery always makes us feel something supernatural.
Today, I introduce a lake where you can see the Diamond Fuji, Lake Tanuki in Fujinomiya !

Lake Tanuki is rather a small lake of 4km in circumference. It takes only about 1 hour to walk around but all attractions are here in Lake Tanuki !


Cycling comes first. Actually, I did it on the day. Only 20 – 30 minutes to make the circuit. Ready to go anytime^^ In my case, because I stopped at many spots for taking pictures, it took me about 1 hour. Though Mt. Fuji had been deep in the clouds, it sometimes showed up to say hello to me.^^


The trail along the lake is well-arranged. It will give us spectacular views at any time. Still, you can’t commit yourself to it because a single step will let you into the great nature ! I’ve just heard the story that some deer, hogs, and even bears were witnessed nearby. I myself actually saw a huge snake on my way. Sorry that I couldn’t catch him in the picture because we got away from each other at first sight. ><


The only one I could take is this, Phasmid, also known as Walking Stick. It usually blends in bush and we can rarely recognize it. Collecting insects such as beetles would be fun this season !^^


Now, Lake Tanuki is very popular also for the camping site. Communal kitchens, showers and washrooms equipped. Bungalows are also available to feel the life in the nature for the visitors who don’t have a tent or who don’t like to sleep in a tent. Or, if you don’t like even the bungalow, there is a hotel named "Kyukamura Fuji" beside the lake. Make it a special night of your life !^^



The hottest activity, besides cycling and hiking around Lake Tanuki, is, I heard, fishing ! Hera-buna crucian is the No1 target. I saw some of them trying for the Black Bass. I talked to a man. He said he had been having too quiet time.^^; Catches seems to vary depending on the day. What do you think ?

For other tourist information about Fujinomiya, please click here for digital brochures in English, Chinese, and Korean.^^

Next time, I’ll report from the 5th station of Mt. Fuji on Fujinomiya Trail !


Lake Tanuki
Access from JR Fujinomiya Sta. : 40 minutes by bus from #2 for “Kyukamura Fuji”
Activity Fees : Camping :¥2000/tent + ¥200/person
     Bungalow :¥5250 for 8 people
     Fishing :¥700/day
     Boating :¥800/hour
     Bicycle riding :¥300 for 30 mins/¥500 for 60 mins


For Japanese (809KB)

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11/26/2010 [Fri]

Last fishing of the year – Kisegawa River in Gotemba [Gotemba]


In Shizuoka, we have many spots for fishing. Not to mention the sea, fishing in mountain streams is very popular. You must be careful in fishing in the river because the fishing season is generally limited in Shizuoka, or in Japan, while you can enjoy fishing in the sea throughout the year. What is more, you have to pay for fishing right tickets. Why ? Because fishery unions hatch and farm fishes such as sweet fish and rainbow trout and release them in the river before the season begins. That is, it is best to fish on the first day or the first week of the season because fishes will not have studied much yet. The fee of fishery ticket defers depending on the union but it is usually around ¥1,000 - ¥2,000 for a day.
By the way, last weekend, I joined a fishing contest in Kisegawa River, Gotemba City. It was so beautiful day with the breeze of late autumn. I arrived there late because I had got……kind of lost. ^^; It did not matter for me because I was good happy enough only to grip my fishing rod that I had not for a long time. I saw dozens of people fishing. I finished the entry and hurried the stairs to get ready for it.


It was not long before I caught the first fish. You know, I’m sort of pro !^^ A baby rainbow trout though. I changed the spots several times. Small trout again, and again, until finally I caught a not-too-bad one. More than 12 inches !


Eventually, I caught 11 trout for 2 hours. Good enough for me. I looked around. They had caught more than I did. ^^; A man had a humongous trout. Is that one you bought at the fish market ? No. You wouldn’t find bigger one even in the market. Oh, maybe next time, I will.


The fishing season has been closed in most of the rivers in Shizuoka. It begins next year generally from March 1st. It is essential for you to check out the details such as fishing ticket, fishing style and the season beforehand, I’m so sorry that you will find little information in English. So if you have any inquiries, please feel free to post your messages on this blog website or ask us through our official website, “Shizuoka Guide”.

Thank you and have a good day !

“Shizuoka Guide” is our official English blog website for events & sightseeing. Always with you ! ^^

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