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08/31/2011 [Wed]

A wonderful waterfall in the middle of Izu Peninsula ― Joren Waterfall [Izu City]


Ok, now I took a bus from Odaru-iriguchi in front of “Kawazu Seven Falls” to get to the next destination, “Joren Falls”. I often stop over it when I take a lovely drive through Izu Area because it’s located just in the middle of Izu and good as the rest spot for drivers. The parking lot is spacious enough, some souvenir shops and restaurants stand around, good walking trails are prepared, and what’s more, a spectacular waterfall, “Joren Waterfall” can be found if you take a further walk down the mountain.


Again, be sure that you are wearing shoes for walking because the trail is rather steep and slippery around the river. It takes only a couple of minutes to walk down, though. Just get yourself prepared to walk up ! It’s kind of back-breaking to me.^^;



“Joren Waterfall” is not only for sightseeing. Activity as well. Actually, fishing ! There stands a hut where you can have fishing rods and bait, and that day, I saw lots of people lowering bamboo fishing rods or sometimes someone trying to land the struggling trout. Even beginners can enjoy it because they release trout into the river regularly. All trout you may catch can be taken home. No extra charge. They also clean your catch for a bit of money so as to get ready for BBQ. Another pleasure is that you can see the Wasabi Field along the river. It’s richly cultivated for the pure water. And wasabi shop is beside the walkway. It’s fun just to look around.^^



Now, Joren Waterfall, one of the best 100 waterfalls in Japan, marks 25m high, 7m wide and 15m deep. And, believe it or not, it is traditionally believed that there lives a beautiful Joro Spider in the water pocket. Why spider ? Old tales tell that some men were caught by a silky spider web and taken into the water. A man even saw a stunningly beautiful woman beside the water. Here, I strongly advise you not to turn around and keep your back facing the waterfall. Especially cool guys. She might want you in another world. No wonder I found a web on my foot.^^

Enjoy your summer, anyway ! Good day !^^

Joren Falls

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