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Shizuoka Guide Travel to Japan

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03/10/2011 [Thu]

Hina no Tsurushi Kazari − hanging hina dolls in Higashiizu Town−2 [Higashiizu Town]


After leaving “Hina no Yakata” in the Culture Park, I took a little walk along the seashore nearby. After that, I walked back the way, passing a narrow alley, and got to Inatori Fishing Port in about 20 minutes. Many fishing boats were there. Maybe Kinmedai the alfonsinoes are to be landed here ? The Fish Market also stood just in front.
I opened the map again to see where to go, and fortunately found another “Tsurushi Kazari” spot, “Nabura Toto” only one minute walk away. When I reached there, a lady was about to close the door. Almost 17:00. I talked to her to let me have a quick look around. She was so kind as to let me in.


Though not as spacious as the main hall “Hina no Yakata”, it made me feel more comfortable and reassured somehow.


Telling further about Tsurushi Kazari, they put 11 dolls and accessories on one red string. Five strings on one side of Hina Dolls, that is, 55 accessories on one side, 110 on both sides. The culture and tradition since Edo Period still lives in this town, Inatori.
By the way, in the exhibition room, I found a very interesting thing. Mice in the pillar. Cute, aren’t they ?^^ Be sure to look for them !


Preserving old traditional cultures is by no means an easy task. I really hope it won’t be lost as long as this world exists.


After leaving “Nabura Toto”, I still walked along the coast. Soon, in about 10 minutes, I found an enigmatic Torii gate.
Though it was already after 5, I dared to hike up the hill. “Inatori Ryugu Misaki Park”, it was named. Maybe, it would lead me to a wonderful view spot, I expected.


Airen Misaki


Dontsuku Shrine


Further 10 minutes took me to a monument at Airen Misaki, the cape. And soon, Dontsuku Shrine and Inatori Misaki Lighthouse ! Spectacular view. Refreshing breeze. What else do you ask for ? Only if I could have a good Onsen hot-spring to warm myself. Next time, I will !



My walking trail is shown in this PDF file.

Have a good day !

Nabura Toto, the Tsurushi Kazari Exhibition Hall
Admission : ¥100
Open Hours : 9:00 – 17:00

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